Work-life integration

Eat-sleep-work-play atmosphere to drive discovery

Fermilab is a place where researchers and staff easily connect, work collaboratively and exchange ideas in their quest to lead, inspire and enable the world’s scientists. Fermilab’s vision is to “lead, inspire and enable the world’s scientists to solve the mysteries of matter, energy, space and time for the benefit of current and future generations.”

Fermilab has a number of policies and resources that promote work-life integration to foster an atmosphere to drive discovery.

The Fermilab Wellness Office which is a component of the Benefits Office is committed to providing a wide variety of recreation, fitness and wellness programs that encourage employees, users, visitors and contractors to live balanced and healthy lives. We offer:

  • Athletic leagues
  • Clubs
  • Educational wellness programs and events
  • Fitness Center
  • Fitness classes
  • Pool

Children’s Center

The Children’s Center is sponsored by Fermi Research Alliance, LLC, the operating contractor of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. It is a service available to all FRA and DOE employees, users, and long-term, on-site subcontractors.

The philosophy of the Children’s Center is to promote the social, academic, emotional, and physical development of each child while taking into account his/her level of interest and ability.

The parent handbook has information related to our care philosophy and objectives, food plans, policies, rates and more.

Inclusive community


One of the characteristics that makes Fermilab so remarkable is its multifaceted global community. Our goal is to provide an environment where we leverage the best local, national, and international talent to contribute to our research and our innovations. Everyone is encouraged to participate fully, grow professionally and reach their highest potential. These sites reflect the Fermilab community’s shared commitment to raise awareness and increase access.

Growing and learning


The Office for Professional & Organization Development is a resource of continuous learning for all Fermilab employees. We provide learning programs and services that assist employees in their job performance, career development, and professional growth. We are dedicated to providing our customers with program excellence and exceptional service.

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