Onboarding process

Prior to arrival at the lab, complete the following important steps:

  1. Access your FermiWorks account (by means of the links provided by Fermi Computer Services)
  2. Onboard via FermiWorks. In order to avoid a delay in your start date, you must complete all FermiWorks inbox items no later than three business days prior to your start date.  You must complete all of the tasks up to the Benefits Elections. Please wait until after orientation to choose your benefits. To advance through the tasks and sections, click Submit and then click Done. For more instructions on FermiWorks visit section below.
  3. For the Review Documents step, please print the Inventions and Patents agreement, sign it, then upload the entire document and attach it (not just the signature page).
  4. Complete section 1 of the I-9 form (via link provided by Perfect Compliance).

FermiWorks onboarding

FermiWorks is a secure, web-based human resources management system that Fermilab purchased from a company called Workday, an industry leader in the field of human resources.

After you receive your FermiWorks user name and temporary password, you may have up to eight FermiWorks actions to complete. These must be completed in order to receive your Fermilab ID badge.

The document and video links below help you complete each action. If you have any questions, please contact your recruiter who can provide general assistance or direct you to more technical assistance.

Getting started in Fermiworks/Onboarding Instructions and Videos