How to open a bank account

What you will need to submit?

  1. Two (2) forms of identification with a picture (passport and student visa)
  2. Many banks may also require an additional ID.
  3. Social security number (SSN). Since most of you do not have one, you will need to follow an additional procedure of filling out IRS Form W-8 BEN. This form is available from and should be available at most banks.
  4. Proof of residence in the United States.
  5. Phone number in Illinois.

Steps to opening a bank account

  • Determine what type of account(s) you want. The most typical accounts are checking and savings. A savings account allows you to deposit money and receive interest on the money held in the bank. A checking account generally does not generate interest, but allows you to write checks.
  • Determine what services are important to you: low prices, automatic teller machine (ATM) access, customer service by phone, internet banking.
  • Open your account(s) at a bank near your home or close to Fermilab so that it is convenient for you to make deposits, use an ATM or talk with bank employees.
  • Consider how many ATMs the bank offers, if they charge a fee and whether 24-hour customer service is available by phone.

Abri Credit Union

Fermilab employees and most users of Fermilab are eligible to join the Abri Credit Union (ACU). ACU is a not-for-profit financial cooperative owned by its members. To join, all you need is your Fermilab ID number, SSN and $25. Profits the credit union earns are returned to members in the form of competitive dividends on deposit accounts, low interest rates on loan products and lower fees. ACU offers their members a large variety of financial products and services. Everything from checking and savings accounts to loans and Visa credit cards. ACU also offers wire transfers to and from foreign countries, free notary services to members, international drafts to purchase international money, along with access to foreign currency, American and foreign travelers checks. ACU has a convenient office located in the lower level of Wilson Hall with an ATM.