Once you have decided to join Fermilab, you will need to find a place to live. Generally, you have the choice between two types of housing, on-site or off-site.

Living on site

Fermilab has its own village consisting of single family homes, apartments, dormitories, recreational facilities (including a gym, pool, and workout rooms), and other special facilities. The houses, apartments and dorms are available for rent to users and employees with term appointments through Fermilab’s Housing Office for varying lengths of stay, depending on availability. (On-site housing is not available for permanent employees.)

Information on the Housing Office.

Living off site

Besides the option of living on site, there is the possibility of staying in motels, motel-suites, apartments, and houses outside the Fermilab area. Which option suits you best depends on your budget, the location of the residence, and how long you are going to stay.

Before starting your search for on-site or off-site housing, please contact the Housing Office: 630-840-3777 or housing@fnal.gov.