What if my employee can’t attend orientation on their scheduled day?
Orientations are held on a biweekly basis with the exception of May, June and July, when they are held on a weekly basis. It may be necessary for your employee to have a later start date and attend the next orientation period.

My new hire is a former benefits-eligible regular or term employee. Should he attend?
Yes. It is imperative that all benefits-eligible employees attend orientation for updated benefit plan and ESH&Q laboratory safety information.

My new hire is a contractor or on-call. Should she attend?
Nonbenefits-eligible personnel (contractors and on-calls) can enroll in and complete the online HR morning orientation session, provided that they have made an appointment on their start date with their HR recruiter to process all I-9/E-Verify documentation. All personnel must attend the afternoon ESH&Q laboratory safety orientation.

How long does orientation last?
It depends on the volume and complexity of questions. In general you should expect your employee to be in orientation for the entire day, 4:00 p.m. at the latest.

May I visit my new hire during orientation breaks?
Hiring managers are strongly encouraged to join your employee in the Employment Department (WH 15E) prior to orientation (at approximately 8:15 a.m.) for a brief meet and greet session. This is also an excellent opportunity to provide directions to the work area and a first work day agenda.